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Necklace Magnifier, Silver Heart Design Also Available in a Designer Heart Setting, This Sterling Silver Magnifier and Long Chain Set Comes With a Powerful 5X Lens. It Can be Worn Like a Normal Necklace and be Handy to Use at Any Time ... and Everywhere. You Can Even Take it With You to the Opera House, Use it to Read the "Libretto" Without Straining your Eyes ... And Make a Fashion Statement At the Same Time!

Example of Use Classy Jewel/Tool To Keep Around Your Neck All The Time:

Whether You Use it to Examine Jewelry or Gems, Check the Instructions of a Pattern, Inspect and Catalogue Coins and Stamps, Do Hobby Work, Consult a Dictionary or Phone Book, Admire Miniature Art, Follow Maps, Photography, Printing, Read the "Fine Print" of a Document or ...
Just Because You Feel Like "Dressing Up", This is a Very Versatile Jewel/Tool to Have. Use It Once and ... I Guarantee Your Money Back, You Won't do Without Again!

Large Enough to be Useful ...
Small Enough to be Inconspicuous!

The Generous, 1 1/8" Diameter, Magnifying Area is Large Enough for Most Reading/Inspecting Tasks While the Pendants, Measuring Less Than 3" Long by Approximately 1 1/4" Wide at the Outer Side of the Lens Frame (classid style) and 1 1/2" by 1 3/4" (heart design) , are Small Enough to be Delicately Inconspicuous.

The Italian Made, 30" Silver Necklace Is a Beautiful Jewelry Item Even Without the Pendant. It Has a Delicate Link Pattern That Shows the Artistic Touch
and "Elegance in Simplicity" That's Typical of Italian Jewelry. It is Small Enough to be Comfortable, Long Enough to Allow Sufficient Latitude of Movement When Using the Magnifier.

Good News...

For Your Reading Comfort, The Heart Shaped Magnifier is Now Also Available in a LARGE 2 3/4" by 3" Pendant, With a 2" 3x Lens That Has a Powerful 6x Insert.

Useful and Elegant Gift For That
Special Lady in Your Heart!

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