Headvisor Magnifier

Higher Magnifications - More Options

With Four Lenses and Swivel Light

This One is as Bright as it is Powerful

Ideal to Work on Jewelry, Set Gems, Repair Watches, Electronic Installations, Mold Making, Catalogue Coins and Stamps, Do Hobby Work, Admire Miniature Art, Creative Embroidery, Explore Rocks/Fossils or Minerals, Follow Maps and Charts or Just for Reading the "Fine Print" of a Document, This is a Very Useful "Visor" to Wear.

Example of 6X Magnification Equipped With Four Magnifying Glasses, That Can be Used Individually or Overlapped, two
at a time in any combination, to Obtain ten Magnifying Powers (eleven total settings with Just the light without lenses). A Swivel Headlamp That will put the Light Right Where You Need It (Perfect for working under the Sink!) Adjustable Headband and Pivoted Connectors, for Quick Lifting and Lowering of the Unit Without Removing It from Your Head.

Dimensions and Specifications:
  • It Can Be Used Over Prescription Lenses.
  • Adjustable Headband.
  • Allows Handsfree Operation.
  • Clear Acrylic Lenses.
  • Multipower Settings:
    1) Single Lens 1.2X -
    2) Single Lens 1.8X -
    3) Single Lens 2.5X -
    4) Single Lens 3.5X -
    5) Double Lens 1.2X + 1.8X = 3.0X
    6) Double Lens 1.2X + 2.5X = 3.7X
    7) Double Lens 1.2X + 3.5X = 4.7X
    8) Double Lens 1.8X + 2.5X = 4.3X
    9) Double Lens 1.8X + 3.5X = 5.3X
    10) Double Lens 2.5X + 3.5X = 6.0X
    11) Light Only
  • Headlight:
    Independently Operated Light.
    Swivels 25 degrees right and left.
    60 degrees up and down.
    On/Off Switch.
    Battery Operated.
    Uses Two AAA Batteries (Included).
  • Rigid Plastic Body.
  • Lightweight: Approx. 6 oz.
  • Shipping weight: Approx. 2 lb.
  • Brand New Item.
  • Made in China to US specifications.
  • Gift Box Included.

    NOTE: The Lenses of This Unit are Not Compatible with Our Single Slot Model

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    Suitable Option: Magnification Example with Clip-On Monocle

    Our "Clip-On Monocle" Can be Adapted to This Unit and Will Substantially Increase Its x Power.
    (Click on the link below for Full Description)

    Product #M-CM810E
    Versatile, Clip-On Glasses or... "Everywhere" Powerful Monocle.
    It Bends, Swings and Twists Into Any Position!

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    Magnifier, Light and Lenses

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