Clip on Glasses

3.3x Clip Loupe Magnifier

Swing Loupe Magnifier

Available with Single or Double Lenses

Provided with 3.3x Glass Lens That's Over 7/8" in Diameter and with Easy to Clip-on-Baguettes Clasp, This Loupe Magnifier Can be Placed on Either Side
of Your Prescription Glasses. It Swings Up and
Down and Can Be Placed at a Point of Focus That's Most Comfortable for Each Individual Requirement.

The Double Loupe Model is Especially Versatile as
It Allows for General Inspection as Well as Super Magnification, for When That Extra Power is Really Needed. Double  3.3x Magnification Example While the Mathematical Addition of Two 3.3x Lenses Results in 6.6x, The Actual Optical Effect, When Using Both Lenses, Is Much Higher as the Outer Lens Magnifies 3.3 Times an Area That Has Already Been Magnified by 3.3x!

The Double Loupe Model is Also
Available With 7.5x + 7.5x
And With 10x + 10x Lenses

(In order to select the Right Unit for Your needs, Please Keep in mind That: The Stronger the Magnification, the Shorter the Focal Distance.
If you Need to See an Object in Great Details, Select a Strong Unit.
If the Object is Several inches Away, Select a lower Magnification).

Thread Beads, Read the Fine Print , Look at Details, Do Needle Work, Enjoy Miniature Art, Repair Electronics, Work on Jewelry, Inspect Coins, Catalogue Stamps and More...


Dimensions and Specifications:

  • Size: Approx. 2 3/4" Long.
    Approx. 1" Wide at the Outer Frame.
    Approx. 1 3/4" Deep.
  • Metal Body.
  • Lens:
    3.3x Glass.
    Also Available with 7.5x + 7.5x
    and with 10x + 10x Glass Lenses.
    Approx. 7/8" in Diameter.
  • Made in China to US Specifications.
  • Brand New Items.
  • Box Included.

    Have Fun and Happy Shopping

    Our Prices:
    Single Lens Unit (3.3x): $24.99
    Double Lens Unit (3.3x + 3.3x): $34.99
    Hi Power Double Lens Unit (7.5x + 7.5x): $39.99
    Super Power Double Lens Unit (10x + 10x): $44.99
    Plus S&H Based on Destination
    (See Shopping Cart for Actual Cost)

    Items Shipped to Residents of Our Operating State(s) are Subject to Sales Tax.

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    Single Lens Loupe Single Lens Unit

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    Quantity: 3.3x

    Double Lens Loupe Double Lens Unit

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    Quantity: 3.3x + 3.3x

    Hi Power Double Lens Loupe Hi Power Double Lens

    Change Quantity to Desired Number
    Quantity: 7.5x + 7.5x

    Hi Power Double Lens Loupe Super Power Double Lens

    Change Quantity to Desired Number
    Quantity: 10x + 10x

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