"Red Light" Special

Key Chain Magnifier
Key Chain Magnifier

Wherever You Go ... There it is!

Whether You Use it to Examine Jewelry or Gems, Look Inside the Movement of a Watch, Inspect and Catalogue Coins and Stamps, Do Hobby Work, Admire Miniature Art, Mold Making, Photography, Printing or Just for Reading the "Fine Print" of a Document, This is a Very Useful Gadget to Carry Along With Your Keys.

Perfect for Dark Room Work ...

Red Ligh Magnification This Magnifier is Also Very Useful in Following Maps After Dark, Reading Flight Plans, Spotlight a Key Hole or Diffuse Enough Light to Find Something Without Disturbing the Eyes of the Driver, Pilot or Skipper.

Batteries Included:

The Magnifier Comes With Two AG10 Batteries Preinstalled.
Battery Housing To Use the Magnifier, Pull It Out of Its Casing Until the Lens is Completely Exposed (First Notch). To Turn on the Light, Pull the Lens Out a Little More (When the Bulb is Fully Exposed the Light Will go on Automatically).
To Replace the Batteries, Pull the Lens Frame Completely Out.

Dimensions and Specifications:
  • Closed:
    Approx. 1 5/8" Wide.
    Approx. 2 1/2" Long.
    Approx. 5/8" Thick.
  • Open:
    Approx. 1 5/8" Wide.
    Approx. 3 7/8" Long (With Light Off).
    Approx. 4" Long (With Light On).
    Approx. 5/8" Thick.
  • Lens:
    Approx. 1 1/4" Square.
    Approx. 2X Power.
    Clear Acrylic.
    Approx. 2" Focal Length.
  • Key Chain:
    Approx. 1 3/4" Total Length.
    Approx. 7/8" Long Chain.
    Approx. 1" Diameter Ring.
    Chrome Finish Metal.
  • It Weighs Approx. 1 1/2 Ounces.
  • White Plastic Body.
  • Made in China to US Specifications.
  • Gift/Storing Box Included.

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    Perfect Magnification Tool for Travel

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