Summer Smart

Folding Reading Glasses

Why Summer Smart...?!?

Simple. They Can be Very Helpful When You Need Them and Stay Out of The Way When You Don't.

During the Cold Seasons People Wear Coats and Overcoats Which Have an Abundance of Pockets. During the Summer Months the "Storage Resources" are Very Limited and They're Needed for Keys, Wallet, Etc.

Provided With Convenient Belt Slots, Extremely Lightweight, Waterproof Exterior with Soft (Velvet Like) Internal Lining for Glass Protection, Velcro Straps for Quick Opening and Safe Storing and Measuring Only 2" X 3", This Pouch is so Inconspicuous, You'll Forget That You're Wearing It!

The Unit is Shipped With the Belt Slots Sealed for Added Waterproofing. There is no Need to Rip Them Open if You Intend to Carry It in Your Purse, Briefcase, Car...

The Main Dish:

Full Size Reading Glasses...

...That Fold Teeny Tiny

Equally Indicated for Men or Women and Available in +2.25, +2.75, and +3.25 Power, These Lenses are Mounted on a Stylish, Elegant and Lightweight Golden Metal Frame That Folds to an Incredible 1 1/2" X 2 3/4" Total.

When Open They Measure Approx. 1" High X 5 1/2" Wide. The Arms are approx 5 1/4" Long and are Lightly Spring Loaded for a Comfortable, Non Pressure, Fit on Any Face. The Lenses are Approx. 7/8" X 1 7/8. They Weigh Just Over 1/2oz. and are Made in China to US Specifications.

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