Helping Hands

With Magnifier and Alligator Clips.

This is a Special Tool Designed to Assist You in Those Complicated Projects Where You Wished You had and Extra Hand...
Or Two and 40/40 Vision!

Equipped With:

  • 6 Ball Joints for all Angles,
  • 2 Alligator Spring Clips,
  • 1 Powerful 2X Magnifying Glass 2 1/2" Wide,
  • Heavy Cast Iron Base,
  • Nickel-Plated Fittings.

It Swivels, Turns, Bends, Twists and Locks in Place Exactly the Way You Want It. It Holds Objects Steady to Each Other at Any Angle and Leaves Your Hands Free to do the Job While the Magnifying Glass Lets You See Your Work in Closer Detail.

Glue, Solder, Miniature Paint, Repair, Assemble Thousands of Objects with Ease. With the HELPING MAGNIFIER Your Hands are Free to do the Work, not to Hold It. It's Like Having Hired Help BUT No Paychecks to Cut. It Will Even Hold the Paper for You to Read, If You Wish So!

Plus We'll Send You ...
Two Free Gifts:
  • A Tweezer Holder Attachment.
    To Use It Just Remove one of the Alligator Clips, Insert the Tweezer Attachment in Its Place, Lower or Remove the Magnifier (Unless You Need It for the Job) and ... Presto, You've Got a Tweezer Holder That Can Be Turned Around and Positioned in Any Which Way You Want It. Ideal for Contact Soldering in Jewelry Work, Electronics, Precision Mechanics, Hobbies, Etc. Absolutely FREE. No Need to Buy one of Those Tweezer Holders Seen Around for 8 or 10 Bucks Each. With This Attachment You'll Get the Same Thing ... And Will Cost You ZILCH!

  • And ... A Non Magnetic Stainless Tweezer.
    No Point in Giving You a Tweezer Holder Attachment if You don't Have a Tweezer to Put Into It. And Even If You Already Have Them, an Extra Tool Never Hurt Anybody ... Especially When It's FREE!

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    Optional Accessory:

    Clip-On LED Compact Flashlight.
    Converts Standard Magnifiers Into Lighted Units!
    Useful Item for Many Indoor and Outdood Uses.

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