Closed Unit

By Looking at it, Closed in its Protective Tough Shell, It Looks Just Like Another Pocket Measuring Tape.

8 Lenses Magnifier
In Reality...

It Contains and Protects Eight Powerful Magnifying Lenses, From 5x to 12x in Increments of 1x Each.

A Grooved Dial Selector, Located
on the Outer Edge of the Inner Wheel, Allows You to Position the Lens Powers (two at the time) Needed for the Task.
A Little Window, Located Right Above Each Lens, Shows the Magnification Power That's in Current Use.

Whether You Use it to Examine Jewelry or Gems, Inspect Coins and
Example of 10x and 5x Magnifications
Stamps, Admire the Minutiest Detail of Miniature Art, Mold Making, Photography, Analyze Rocks, Fossils and Minerals, do Scientific Work, Verify Antiques, Archeological Studies or School Projects, Printing, Do Hobby Work, or Just for Reading the "Fine Print" of a Document, This is a Very Useful Gadget to Have.

When You're Done, Turn the Inner Wheel Inside the Outer Shell Until it Snaps in the Closed Position and
put it Back in Your Pocket, Purse, Drawer or Briefcase.
The Lenses Will be Protected for Many Future Uses!

Dimension and Specifications:
  • Shell Size:
    Approx. 3 1/2" Diameter.
    Approx. 5/8" Thick.
    Dark Red and Black Plastic Body.
  • Eight Glass Lenses:
    Approx. 7/8"each in Diameter.
    5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x, 10x, 11x and 12x Powers.
  • Made in China to US Specifications.
  • Brand New Unit.
  • Boxed Packaging.

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