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Vision Booster Magnifier

Vision Booster Magnifier

Low Vision Helper

Very Strong Magnifying Solution For Many Needs!

In the Photo Above There are Two Pennies: One is
on the Mouse Pad, The Other is Under the "Vision Booster Magnifier" Shown Enlarged on the Monitor.

Need I Say More?

Maximum Magnification Example Minimum Magnification Example OK ...

On the Left Is the Excerpt of a Diary Page Shown at the Minimum Magnification.
On the Right, Is the Same Excerpt Shown at the Maximum Magnification. As You Can See, It Is so Large that Less than One Third of the Word "International" Fits in the Screen.

That's How Much LARGER it Is!
Of Course, the Magnification Can be
Set, As Needed, to Any Level in Between.

Whether You Use it to Examine Jewelry or Gems, Look Inside the Movement of a Watch, Inspect and Catalogue Coins and Stamps,
Admire Miniature Art, Consult Your Phone Book, Enlarge Photos, Count Threads or Just for Reading the "Fine Print" of a Document, This is a Very Unique and Invaluable Magnifying Tool to Have in The House ...
Or Carry It in Your Laptop Case to Your Next Art/Coin Show, etc...

System Requirements and Limitations:

  • Requirements:
    IBM PC Compatible.
    INTEL PIII CPU Or Higher.
    128MB of RAM.
    CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive.
    3D Display Card with 64MB of RAM or Higher that Supports 32 bit Color.
    At least One (1) USB 2 or Compatible USB 1.1 Port Available
    Windows XP (with service pack 2 or higher) or
    Vista home or professional edition or Windows 7.
    Successfully tested on computers with Windows 8 and 8.1.
    40GB or higher hard drive.

  • Known Limitations: After testing the "Vision Booster Magnifier" with several computers we found that some features, like Zoom, Snap Shot or Special Effects may not work with AMD Processors. This device was not tested on Apple Computers, therefore we do not know how it will perform with Them.

    The Magnifier has worked in all the computers (with operating systems described above) that we tested but with some of the above limitations in some cases.

    While the Magnifying Power is Stated to be 24x, The Actual Magnification Can be Significantly Higher Because it is directly related to the Size of Your Monitor. As an Indication, it Magnifies a 12-Point Type to Approximately 1-inch with a 17- inch Monitor then it zooms to 3-inch high if desired. If you connect your laptop to a 48" TV, You can Enlarge a Penny to the size of a Large Pumpkin! (Perfect Option for Meeting Rooms and Presentations).

Indispensable Visual Aid for Macular
Degeneration and other Vision Impairments

Dimensions and Specifications:

  • Vision Booster Magnifier:
    Approx. 3 3/8" Wide.
    Approx. 1 1/4" Deep.
    Approx. 4 7/8" Long.
  • Directional Knob.
  • Camera (Powered by USB Plug).
  • USB Cord with Switch (pre-connected to the magnifier).
  • LED Light (Powered by USB Plug).
  • No Batteries Needed.
  • Instruction Booklet.
  • Setup CD.
  • Brand New Item.
  • Made in China.
  • Box Included.

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